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FOR TRAINING ENQUIRIES: If you are interested in booking a workshop for your service, please email

Workshops with bookable spaces for individual clinicians are also provided on an occasional basis, forthcoming dates available upon request.



Module 1 (Four days training): Essentials of Schema Therapy – Conceptualisation and Key Skills

This workshop provides an introduction to schema theory and concepts including schemas, modes, and coping styles. The module also provides a grounding in key schema therapy clinical skills: assessment, case conceptualisation, treatment planning, and core therapeutic techniques (such as limited reparenting, cognitive techniques, and experiential techniques including imagery and chair work)


Module 2 (Three days training): Deepening Schema Therapy practice – Working with complex cases

This workshop builds on Module 1, providing an overview of advanced skills for working with Borderline Personality Disorder/complex trauma, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and Cluster C Personality Disorders (anxious/avoidant).