Schema Therapy NI

Schema Therapy NI is a Northern Ireland based provider of CPD and certification training in schema therapy (International Society of Schema Therapy/ISST approved).


Feedback from workshop participants:

Average rating for quality of workshops = 5.6 out of 6 (‘Excellent’)

“Thank you for your time and attention to detail throughout the training…it was a huge success”

“The training was intense… but very very good. The materials were excellent”

“The quality of the workshop was excellent. Olwyn is an excellent presenter and kept me interested and engaged all through the 4 days. Her knowledge, experience and warm style shone through. The content was of an extremely high standard and covered all that I was hoping for. The opportunity to participate in asking questions, discussions and roleplays was extremely helpful….It has given me a very good starting point to start and develop my Schema practice!”

“I now have a good understanding of how and when to apply Schema Therapy techniques and strategies, and look forward to applying them in my clinical practice”

“I felt the trainer facilitated a very safe space to explore new concepts and own schema/modes”

“The trainer Olwyn was excellent. She explained complex concepts in a clear and informative manner. She answered any queries or questions in a knowledgeable way and provided useful non-judgemental feedback to role-plays. The training was very organised and Olwyn was responsive to participants needs. I feel passionate about schema training and working towards accreditation after attending”


Training Overview

CPD, Certification Training and Supervision for Certification

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