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CPD, Certification Training and Supervision for Certification.

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Certification Training and CPD

Workshops can be attended on a stand alone basis for CPD purposes, or in order to fulfil requirements for the taught component of certification as a schema therapist.

Attendance at Modules 1 and 2 meets the ISST taught component requirements for pursuing certification/accreditation as a schema therapist. Workshop numbers are limited in order to maximise opportunities for supervised practice of clinical skills. All workshops are highly interactive and involve a combination of teaching, group discussions and exercises, videos, and skills practice using role plays.

Module 1

Essentials of Schema Therapy – Conceptualisation and Key Skills: This workshop provides an introduction to schema theory and concepts including schemas, modes, and coping styles. The module also provides a grounding in key schema therapy clinical skills: assessment, case conceptualisation, treatment planning, and core therapeutic techniques (such as limited reparenting, cognitive techniques, and experiential techniques including imagery and chair work).

Module 2

Deepening Schema Therapy practice – Working with complex cases (complex trauma, narcissism, avoidant and anxious presentations): This workshop builds on Module 1, providing an overview of advanced skills for working with Borderline Personality Disorder/complex trauma, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, and Cluster C Personality Disorders (anxious/avoidant).

Feedback from workshop participants:

“created an encouraging learning environment which fostered a patient, compassionate approach to skills development”

“Thoroughly enjoyable and well delivered training!”

“Olwyn was excellent, lots of helpful case examples and very skilled. Really lovely to work with a variety of different people in the roleplays. It worked very well in this [online] format. Very enjoyable. The openness to ongoing discussion throughout was most helpful”

“Very comprehensive and good quality teacher. Really positive experience and feel prepared to work in this modality with clients”

“Olwyn was an excellent trainer. So professional, warm and knowledgeable. Really shares her passion and expertise with the group. Delighted with everything and feel I gained so much from doing the training. Thank you”

“The training prompted me to reflect not only on how schemas are relevant for patients but also how my own schemas play a role in my life and to be mindful of them in the therapy room”

“Olwyn was friendly, warm, engaging and knowledgeable. She was able to answer questions and respond flexibly to participants needs”

“The strengths of the training were the strong emphasis on experiential exercises, in addition to the competence, skill, and welcoming attitude of the facilitator”

Supervision for Certification

Certification with the ISST as a schema therapist involves completion of an approved training course, as well as meeting requirements for a minimum number of supervision hours and passing assessment of externally examined session recordings. Further details are available on the ISST website:

Other training: Introductory and bespoke workshops are also available on request.